About Dream Ripple 01 Coloring Book

It all started one day in 2016 while wandering through a craft store together. We were looking at coloring books and had the sudden thought, “Hey, maybe we could do this!” For a long time, we had been experimenting with an unusual abstract line style for doodles, fun drawings, & cards. What was once a hobby is now something that we are excited to share!

Forming an art studio has been a long & challenging journey considering we pretty much had no idea what we were doing. Despite that, it has been so fulfilling, rewarding, and inspiring. It has instilled a realization that we are capable of creating so much more than we thought.

We chose the name Dream Ripple to symbolize how curiosity can inspire people to create something in reality. Dream represents the feelings & ideas that motivate us, while Ripple represents the act of creating & sharing with the world and how that can create a ripple effect of inspiration.

We’re so thankful for all of the art we’ve happened upon because it sparked a curiosity in us and we hope that our artwork can create that same kind of interest & inspiration in you.

Thanks for visiting!